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Robert Scratch Mitchell

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The Speedbird is the name given to the winged image associated with the RCAF Snowbirds Jet Team, a precision organization Rob ‘Scratch’ Mitchell spent five years flying with.


During his time as a wingman and as team leader, Scratch came to associate the Speedbird image with his own guiding principles of passion, focus and action. 


Following his time with the RCAF, Scratch created Speedbird Productions, carrying forth this tradition into film and TV.


Speedbird Productions is a growing organization actively engaged in both TV, and Film having worked closely with Netflix, TBS, Discovery Channel on two prime time series and is in development with several factual, short and feature length scripted projects. 


Unique to Speedbird is the established Air Force style approach to safety, leadership and aerial coordination. Speedbird is committed to bringing these critical skills to each project.

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