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Speedbird Productions brings 17 years of aerial coordination experience, drawing from extensive military and film industry work.  As a professional airshow pilot and leader of the world renowned RCAF Snowbirds, Scratch Mitchell had coordinated, flown and directed hundreds of photo and film shoots, some with over a dozen aircraft involved. Likewise in film and TV, Scratch has served as safety officer, aerial coordinator and as a director for several successful projects. (Netflix Hold the Dark, TBS The Detour, Highway Thru hell, Airshow, Truth Duty Valour, 1800 seconds, chasing the Snowbirds)


Speedbird Productions and Scratch believe fundamentally in flight safety and risk management approaches to aerial film work. Scratch brings formal flight safety and human factors training to the table for every project. Speedbird Productions prides itself on bringing a producer’s vision to light in a safe, professional and creative manner.

Keeping his flying skills sharp, Scratch Mitchell currently flies with the Patriots Jet Team from the Bay Area of California, a team that does numerous commercial, TV and film shoots.

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